Welcome to my dropshipping affiliate blog, where I share my journey from the corporate sales world to becoming a successful digital nomad. Over the past three years, my life has transformed from stress, disappointment, and the never-ending pursuit of targets to a fulfilling and profitable dropshipping business.

My Story

For ten years, I worked in corporate sales, where I discovered that the key difference between a salesperson and a begger was only better clothes. While I excelled at my job, earning monthly recognition, big bonuses, and lots of praise, I realized that each month felt like starting from scratch all over again. The job took a toll on my well-being, both mentally and physically, leading to unhealthy habits and a growing sense of unhappiness.

The Turning Point:

One evening, out of the blue, I experienced a severe stomach ache that landed me in the hospital. The culprit? A gallstone caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. This experience served as a wake-up call—I knew I had to make a change immediately, not in the distant future.

A Hobby That Changed My Life

A few months before this life-changing event, I started my first dropshipping store as a way to escape the corporate world. My website was initially a mess, and I struggled to find my footing. However, within this chaos, a simple product emerged—the ordinary, everyday cat comb.

That plastic comb became the catalyst for a complete transformation.

The Liberation

Just one week after my surgery, I took a leap of faith and quit my job. On that fateful day, I walked into the office and made the decision to sever ties with the agonizing routine. It was a cathartic moment—a ten-minute monologue that shattered my unsuspecting boss, who perhaps had his own battles to fight. He couldn't say a single word.

Why? Because I spoke the painful truth we both knew—that everything we were doing was leading us nowhere.

The Journey to Success

Three years have passed since that defining moment. Today, we have a beautiful baby boy, and the three of us travel as digital nomads, exploring Europe while enjoying financial freedom. What used to be a month's salary now becomes a daily income.

On this website, I’ll share the obstacles we overcame, the lessons learned, the mistakes made, and the improvements achieved. I believe that knowledge should be accessible to all, which is why everything I’ve learned—both the successes and the failures—I’ll share with you for free.

Transparency and Affiliate Links

I want to be transparent about how this website operates. Yes, I love money, and there's no shame in that. However, I firmly believe that knowledge should be free for everyone. That's why I'll never offer paid courses. Instead, I'll provide valuable information through affiliate links, allowing you to access resources and products that can support your own dropshipping journey.

Remember, it all started with a simple cat comb.









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